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Sandra Chevalley

Graphic Designer | Illustrator | Street Art

Crew: Army Of Snipers | Location: Switzerland

Contact: info(at)


Exhibition & Event


Urban Project, Vevey, Switzerland

Coaster Art Show, L'Atelier, Lausanne


Galerie Tiramisu, Genève, Suisse

Teufelsberg Reloaded, Baden, Switzerland

Bestioles / by PBK9, Lausanne, Switzerland

Stilbruch Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany

Autra Art Festival, Danis, Switzerland

Urban Project, Vevey, Switzerland

Coaster Art Show, Geneva, Switzerland


Noël au balcon, collective show, Galerie Tiramisu, Geneva, Switzerland

Urban Project, Vevey, Switzerland

We are from the West, collective show, Street Art Archive, Baden, Switzerland


Stroke Art Fair, Münich, Germany

Cemart, Eclépens, Switzerland

Urban Art project, Vevey, Switzerland

Fantasy Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Art Toy Culture, Supercell, Seoul, South Korea


Volvo Garage Opening, Genève, Switzerland

"Sans Titre" Installation, with Acid, Aad, Geneva, Switzerland

VAS, Volvo Art Sesion , with Acid, Zurich, Switzerland


Pantone K, Kugler, with Raphaelle Muller Geneva, Switzerland

Blue Balls Festival ** with Acid, Luzern, Swiss

Artacks Against Cancer, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Artacks Against Cancer, Lausanne, Switzerland


Artacks TakeAway Session zu Gast bei Papierkomplizen, Zürich, Switzerland

Inquiétante étrangté, Collective show, Galerie Richard Danto, Paris, France

Gentleman Jack's Art Beats, USA

Blue Ball Festival, live painting, with Acid, Luzern, Switzerland

DROP II, PBK9, live with Acid,Lausanne, Switzerland

MOS, Meeting Of Styles, Zürich, Switzerland

Apocalypse Mon Amour, Collective show with Acid, La Grille, Yverdon, Switzerland


Live painting, One night with Army Of Snipers, Flabslab Art Gallery, AOS Crew, Singapour

Wall painting, Art Basel Miami, AOS Crew, Miami, USA

Collective show, Stroke Art Fair, AOS Crew, Berlin, Germany

Live painting, Molotow Paint Club, with Marc LEZA Jazikovic AOS Crew, Luzern, Switzerland

UZN with Acid, Geneva, Switzerland

Live painting, Metastasis Crew, Yverdon, Switzerland

Live painting, Let's play with Hapiness, Moji's House, AOS Crew, Hadyai, Thailand

Live painting, Mini Art Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland

Live painting, Urban Art Studio, Zürich, Switzerland


Collective show, Dessin.01, Galerie 12|12, Genève, Suisse

Characterstation, Vevey, Suisse

"Freakshow" Boosher with Dr. Acid, Heartical, Genève, Suisse

"Reminiscence" Personnal Show, Aad, Genève, Suisse

Live painting, Swatch MTV Playground, Luzern, Suisse

Collective show, Press Start!, Headquarters Gallery, Montreal, Canada

Live painting, Hip Hop Corners, by Metastasis, Yverdon, Suisse

Live painting, Pictobello 10, Vevey, Suisse

Live painting, Drop by PBK9, Arsenic, Lausanne, Suisse


Point G Think Mutant, Vidéo projections - RGB, Genève, Suisse

Art Clash, Halle Freitag, Zürich, Suisse

Characterstation, Fribourg, Suisse

Characterstation, Genève, Suisse

Montreux Graff Contest, Montreux, Suisse

Brrrrrr, Neuchâtel, Suisse


Galerie Best Of, Genève, Suisse

Walking on Air, Les Halles, Sierre, Suisse


Galerie Duplex, Genève, Suisse


Bourse Lissignol, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Genève, Suisse

«Interspiele», galerie « b », Thune, Suisse

Les Halles, Sierre

« Gîte d’étape », kiosque à culture, Musée cantonale d’art du Valais, Sion, Suisse


Les Halles, Sierre, Suisse

Schwellenmätelli, Berne, Suisse